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IT Infrastructure & Network Security

  • An One Stop IT Solution for all your Hardware, Networking (LAN, WAN), Software needs.
  • A System Integrator providing state of the art Technology Integration, for cost effective stable IT-Solution.
  • We provide Resource Facility Services – for maintaining all your IT–Infrastructure. LAN, WAN, Data Centre,
  • Network Security- UTM (Unified Threat management) Sales Service of WATCHGUARD range of product

IT- Solution for all your Management Problems

Are realized through our

  1. Quality Project Management Services
  2. Project Management Education
  3. Integrated Project Management & Training Software
  4. Joint Project Execution.

Project Management

  • Our latest Project Management Techniques GARANTEES

On Time………

Within Budget……

High Quality………



  • We believe that we are “STICKY”,

We Live with

Customer Dream,



Share the Problem,

Enjoy the Success.

  • By blending Technology, Management, Service, Training we provide the way to Success This is our USP.


Evalution (Consulting Services)

  • Our consulting service encompasses  a total handholding  of customer though the entire spectrum of:
    • Problem definition,
    • Analysis
    • Business Process Re-Engineering,
    • Data Creation
    •  Baseline Module ( SWOT) Analysis,
    • Software requirement Analysis,
    •  IT-Infrastructure definition & sizing
    • Functional consultancy,
    • Software development,
    • Implementation
    • Training & hand holding service for the Customer Personnel,
    •  Resource Facility Management & Technical Support ,
    •  Annual Maintenance Contract on (Software, Hardware, Network)

Application System Development

Our Application Verticals includes :
# Health Care
# Public Health Engineering
# Municipal & Civic bodies
# Environment & Pollution Control
# Tourism & Hospitality Industries
# Engineering & Manufacturing ERP : Shop floor Industries Process flow Industries
# Communication & SMS Management
# Video Conferencing
# Web Security System

Software Technology STACK Conversion

We specialize in converting existing complex application from Old / Legacy Technology to State of the Art Modern Web based Solution.

We also specialize in doing Business Engineering by Integrating Various Stand alone application & re-casting them to a modern web based platform, using effective OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGY.

Cross Platform Conversion Service includes

  • Data Migration
  • Business Logic Documentation & Migration of Application Logic platforms.
  • Integration Legacy with Modern Web Solution by using Bridge Modules that integrated platforms.

Education Services

EDUCATION of our customer is the Prime objective of our consulting MOTTO.

Informed & Sustained decision is the only way to success.

Our Education Sources Includes

  • BASIC IT & Management Training
  • Technology Training
  • Programming & Quality Control Training
  • Workshop & Event Management to thrash out strategy using participatory model

Total Suport Plan

Methodology you can Apply & AFFORD

  • Ability to concentrate on further growth projects to improve your organization. Business Advantage.
  • No need to overstaff for “Just in Case” Solution
  • Maintain Cutting Edge Technology Skill
  • Education option offers improved overall job skill
  • On going system performance Monitoring & Tuning to keep system resources at peek productionity
  • TOTAL Support plan to address your Emergency Conditions

Computerized Office Services

Increase productivity of your Office Resources by adapting to an Integrated Office Management Methodology is our Specialization.

We Provide TOTAL Solution for all your Office Computing Need.

  • Wab Portal
  • Call Centre Solution
  • Help desk
  • Electronic Information System
  • Handle online SMS server for Interacting with your customer / clients
  • Toally Integrate your supply chain for seemless Integration with your partner.


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